A Day In The Life Of M.Deezy

08182014 (OutsideLands 2014)

I don’t usually schedule a trip back home to SF, but when I do… it’s usually for something fun.

This marks my 2nd year here at OutsideLands and it’s been a blast. Met some new people, saw some old faces, discovered some new bands, and probably gained a few more pounds. If there’s one thing I discovered while being here, it’s that people aren’t as friendly… but it was definitely nice to get reacquainted with Karl The Fog!

Photo time!


  • My favorite!
  • Toast and coffee from The Mill.


  • If there’s one thing I appreciate about SF, it’s the overabundance of hipster coffee shops. Best believe, I’ll be making my way around town to all of them!
  • Feels good to be home.


  • I’ve been over having boba for the longest time… I’m talking about since 2006-ish, but I had to give Boba Guys a shot since I was in the vicinity. I ended up trying the Honk Kong styled milk tea. It’s good, but I’m going to aim for that horchata next time.
  • Cake donut from one of my favorite brunch spots!


  • Pulled pork hash from The Plow! Oh, and a side of lemon ricotta pancakes didn’t hurt either…
  • The food photo game is real!


  • Since we were right around the corner from here, why wouldn’t we stop by?? Front coffee is the business! Just ask #thenurse!
  • Me and The Fav. Photo credit to #thenurse for this one.


  • And we’re on our way to OutsideLands!!
  • Let the festivities begin!


  • Me and Ranger Dave holding it down for this year’s music fest.
  • #teamcaffeine is already in full effect. Sponsored by Blue Bottle I might add.


  • OutsideLands Day 1 Crew
  • San Francisco vibes.


  • OutsideLands Day 2 Crew with special guest appearance from Karl The Fog.
  • Atmosphere was definitely in the house that day.


  • OutsideLands Day 3 Crew
  • Chimichurry fries was just one of the many meals we’ve had during the 3 days madness.


  • Got a slight new tan, new blanket for 2014, turnt up for day 2, allergies, and memories. It’s been real San Fran!! I will always love you.


  • You can go ahead and judge me if you like, but I just had Golden Boy Pizza for the first time and I LOVE IT!! OMG…
  • Made a last minute stop to Devil’s Teeth to pick up some snacks for the road.


  • One of the best grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup from Outerlands!
  • Can’t make a stop to Outerlands without grabbing coffee at one of my favorite coffee spots in the city. Trouble coffee!


  • #thenurse
  • Blue Bottle one more time before heading out of the city and back to SoCal.

All and all, another music festival to down in the books as one of the greats. In the mean time, I’ll be prepping for my trip to NYC that’s coming up shortly. Catch you later!

Deezy. Out!


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