A Day In The Life Of M.Deezy

011114 (Spending Time With Susy “Fattycakes”)

This is a long overdue post… that’s for sure.

I want to start off by saying happy new years to everyone since I never got the chance to until now. 2013 was a hell of a ride with irreplaceable memories. 2014… brace yourself. I’m bringing in the new year with a another addition to my mini series of “Spending time with…” with my good bud Susy who’s also known as Fattycakes. Having randomly met through the blogging world, we’ve become some real good buds over the years. It only makes sense for her to be on here. So… let’s do this!

PLAYME: When I see your face… it’s like sunlight dripping!

_MG_9921 6.23.45 PM

If there’s one thing you need to know about this girl… she can eat. Like… big time.

_MG_9956 6.23.45 PM

Shades of grey

_MG_9969 6.23.45 PM

_MG_9977 6.23.45 PM

You’re looking real handsome there, bud!

_MG_9982 6.23.45 PM

You ain’t ready!

_MG_9985 6.23.45 PM

So much determination doeee!

_MG_0030 6.23.45 PM

Just strutin’ her stuff… no big deal.

_MG_0073 6.23.45 PM

_MG_0079 6.23.45 PM

Thanks for stopping by! Currently in the process of scheduling my next shoot so stay close.
Deezy. Out!


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