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09162013 (Spending Time With Anne)

It’s no secret that I love San Francisco… in fact, it’s actually quite obvious especially to those who know me. Every visit back home is another unforgettable chapter created in my book.

But this chapter… is one worth putting a bookmark in.

Anne and I have always talked about coming to San Francisco together. For her to experience what she only sees in my photos, in person… This might possibly be one of the best 24hrs I have spent in my hometown. From eating at some of my favorite restaurants, to discovering new ones, to touring some of my old neighborhoods, to the amazing coffee institutes, and even being able to sneak in a photo documentary of the whole thing… everything came together harmoniously to make this trip just about perfect in a very San Francisco way.

PlayMe: My love is wiiiiiiithhhh you!


Anne in SF.


As a tradition to my SF mornings, this was a must.


We hung around Fort Point for a while in hopes to catch the right lighting for a legitimate non traditional photo with the Golden Gate Bridge. I think we nailed a good one.
“The Golden Gate Bridge isn’t even gold!! Everything is a lie!”

Long hurrr, don’t currr.

“Are you ready to go?”
“Yes, it’s fuggin cold out here…”


Meet Anne. She is my:

  • Part time model
  • Part time foodie
  • Part time travel buddy
  • Part time pain in my ass
  • Full time bestfriend


Morning ritual


“Wait, we’re leaving today? Alright hode up, I’mma get me another cup”

The American Grilled Cheese by the ballpark for lunch. Not a lot of people can look cute when they eat, but I think she did alright.

Before we left the area, she wanted to own a Giants hat. How could we not get a photo of her in front of the home of the Giants? This melts my heart big time…

Final destination before we left to road trip back down to SoCal. Her first Blue Bottle Coffee (New Orleans) and her first Smitten Ice Cream. Enjoy bestfriend, enjoy!

Instagram Roll:


  • Mint mojito with vanilla soy please
  • Coffee junkies
  • Golden Gate Bridge: The Gateway to my Heart


  • Brunch at Plow with Fatty and Tim. Thank you for brunch!! We most def owe you guys one!
  • That new new Bay Bridge!


  • I have to be honest, I just wanted those Mason jars.
  • Minimalistic
  • Sightglass! I found you!


Didn’t want to wait the 1hr+ for NOPA, so we went to Bistro Central Parc instead.

  • Rack of lamb
  • “Medium rare please!”
  • Breast of duck


  • At The American Grilled Cheese: “I’ll have the jalapeno popper, and… what does she look like?” I asked.  “I’d say The Piglet” responded my ordertaker. #winning
  • Her first time at Blue Bottle in Hayes Valley
  • Creme Fraiche with pear caramel from Smitten Ice Cream.

I guess that’s all of it. Not bad for 24hrs…


One response

  1. Luis Aguilar

    Great song, Fantastic photos, nice model, where will you take us next?

    September 19, 2013 at 10:02 AM

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