A Day In The Life Of M.Deezy

10272012 (29Hrs Home)

The most memorable trips are the ones that are full retard status.

So a while back, the buddy Clare put together a surprise birthday event. Considering it was for a very good friend of mine, I couldn’t NOT go. Not to mention, I guess it doesn’t hurt that it was to a Two Door Cinema Club show! As always, there’s never enough time, but that’s what keeps me coming back. In the words of my favorite person, “#timeflieslikefruitflies”. Don’t ask about that, you’re not included.

PlayMe: Fuck yeah for hipster music!

Landed back home approximately 9pm. Pacific Standard Time to be exact.

Justina picked me up, and of course what’s a better way to kick off my short trip than late night eats.

Pork chop x Brussels sprouts x Seasoned potatoes x Balsamic lemon sauce

Oyster mushroom pizza. Oh this was good… But our dinner got cut short due to a party crash.
Here’s a tip for this place: Stay away from the back booth with the painting hanging behind it. If you do sit there, make sure you have them hold the fruit flies. I’m just sayin…

After we got out of Globe, we sat in the car while the rain poured, ate our pizza, and somehow decided to head to NOPA for late dinner round 2. This was the albacore with avocado.
Verdict on this: You’ve got to be kidding me.

The waiter brought us these taste pairing bonuses. This is as glorified as the “apple and peanut butter” dish that they brought us the last time I was here.

Since I didn’t get to finish my pork chop back at Globe, round 2 of pork chop took place. The garlic sauteed cabbage strips (almost tasted like sauerkraut) was a real nice touch. I guess the roasted grapes didn’t hurt either. Everything just sitting on top of a mustard olive oil sauce that just made my arms get all goosebumpy… in a real good way.

“There’s always room for dessert” – Justina
These were mini beignet like pillows that were extremely soft and hollow on the inside. You’d bite a corner off and just pour this honey butter sauce in until it filled to the brim and enjoy. She went H.A.M on these hahaha.

Brandon’s cat. The most interesting cat. She’s like… a fat friendly ninja.

The next morning, we woke up nice and early to have breakfast with Jenny (aka Papercutsucks). It’s always a pleasure to be amongst her company.

Jenny!! If you ever get to read this, HELLO!!

Zazie’s crab benedict. Ridiculous. That is all.

After breakfast, we just hung around back at the house for a bit to chillout before heading over to Oakland for the main event. We headed over there a little earlier to visit Homeroom. Home of some of the best mac x cheese I’ve ever had. This place is fuckin’ legit.

I got the Spring Mac, which included peas, roasted asparagus, drenched in jack cheese, with a nice touch of lemon zest. Now that would’ve been perfectly fine, but I 1 up’d my mac x cheese by adding bacon, hotdogs, and roasted bread crumbs up top. Why yes teacher, I am an overachiever.

Dairy overload. Just in case for those of you who’s forgotten, I am lactose intolerant. I’m just sayin…

These 2. Happy anniversary!

After the mac x cheese, we rolled over to Blue Bottle Coffee (aka one of my all time favorite coffee shops) and went a little hard on the hardware. FYI the cup is a New Orleans. Pretty much the only thing I ever drink there. Perfect everytime.

It’s time… for FUCKIN’ TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB!!!!! Gahhh asdfghjklakdjdh!!

Funny thing about these tickets. About a month ago, a set of tickets were mailed to my house. I placed them in an envelope so they’d be ready to go when I was. After all the packing and prep work, guess what? These were the ONLY things I forgot to pack. Of course that happens and it wasn’t until I was well on the freeway heading to LAX that I realized that I had forgotten them. Thanks to Emily for reminding me to call Ticketmaster, they ended up just forwarding another set to will call. SAFE!

What a weirdo.

After 2 opening acts (one of which was very strange), it was time for the headliner!! TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB!!

Coachella Crew unite!! Happy really early birthday!!! (Bryan pictured smack in the middle) You my boy, B!!


***iPhone Roll Bonus Round!***

  • Chasing the sun to LAX
  • My San Francisco Giants gets crowned as National League Champs!! Witnessed live while cloud surfing with Virgin Airline.
  • What’s a good night out without getting classy trashy with Frey?
  • She always gets me these little care packages that either 1. comes very useful / 2. makes me happy on a mega level / 3. all of the above.

  • Shoutout to Susy (aka Fattycakes) for being apart of this Ben Sherman shirt that I was currently rockin the living shit out of. Definitely a #OOTD moment right there.
  • Made a highly necessary pit stop to the Giants Dugout. I’ve been meaning to get me a new 59Fifty since my previous one was PWNED by Coachella. Also another shoutout to Roberto and Kendrick. It was good bumping into you fellas!
  • Made our way over to Oakland to the Fox Theatre for the show, but not before sitting across the street and having a surf n turf burrito (not pictured).
  • Just before heading in, we stopped by this random bar and ordered 2 Manhattans, 1 old fashion, and 1 uptown to celebrate B’s birthday surprise bash. That uptown may or may not be my new favorite drank.

  • I like how my dude Brandon’s just having way too good of a time. Faded ass chillin mega villain.
  • THE favorite.
  • Board my plane 29 hours after I had just landed, and it’s now time to go home.
  • How bout them Giants?

That’s all.
Deezy. Out!.


2 responses

  1. Sylvia Houston

    Hi, really enjoyed reading about your journey. How many days were you in Amsterdam and then Paris? I’m planning an excursion since I’ll be in Germany in April and trying to decide between Amsterdam or Paris. I’ve been to Paris once before but it was February and the weather was crappy. Trying to decide whether to return or see Amsterdam instead. Any suggestions? Thanks

    February 22, 2013 at 8:29 PM

    • mikeedee220

      Hey Sylvia,

      I’m sorry for the dreadfully late reply. To be honest, I didn’t think anyone ever read this thing and that I was just updating it just to do it.

      Anyways, I hope I’m not too late in my response, but I was in Amsterdam for 2 nights and 2 days before I headed down to Paris for another 2 nights and 3 days. Now, prior to me going to Amsterdam, I’ve had countless people tell me that it’s a small place. I’ll tell you from personal experience that it is small and if you plan everything accordingly, you can most definitely finish everything you want to see in about 2… 3 days tops with extra time to spare. I have also heard that Paris is mighty lovely in the spring time.

      Personal suggestion: I always like going somewhere I’ve never been before. I feel like you can visit Paris again after you’ve done everything else that you’ve wanted to do.

      I hope this helps and thanks so much for stopping by! Now I know there’s someone actually reading from time to time.

      March 6, 2013 at 9:30 PM

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