A Day In The Life Of M.Deezy


Hello hello!

I know it’s not just me who’s sweating like crazy for no reason, right? It has been mega hot down here, right? Ok good… Just checking.

Thanks to this heat, I made the effort to get in reach with my buds from HS, Lianne and Heidi (they are sisters FYI), to kick it on Saturday. I guess it helps that they live super close to Santa Monica, so of course I opted for a beach day (Hellz YEAH!). As if heading to the beach wasn’t awesome enough, the rest of the day just kept getting better and better… Let’s do this, shall we?

PlayMe: Let this feeling last… RELAX!

I was yelping Friday night on where to go eat with the sisters the next day. Originally, the first result was this place called Huckleberry, but then I went with my gut instinct and opted to keep looking. Good thing I did; we had brunch at 26 Beach Restaurant. Shown above was Lianne’s French Toast.

My French Toast.

Heidi’s Corn Beef Hash.

Beach day to beat the heat!! Hellz yeahhh!! It was glorious…

Apparently we all had a first that day. None of us has ever been under the Santa Monica Pier. It’s pretty cool down here… literally and appeal factor. I want to do a photoshoot down here. Any takers??


These barnacle looking things that were attached to the post of the pier were pretty cool! Borderline creepy though… still cool.

Evening was spent at The Getty! I didn’t know they had a night life type of event here and it’s quite often too! It’s super dope here.

Got to watch a bit of the LA sunset up here.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that POOLSIDE WAS IN ATTENDANCE AND PERFORMED LIVE!??!? Gahhhhhhhh! The perfect Saturday.

*** iPhone Roll Time! ***

  • Brunch at 26 Beach Restaurant
  • Santa Monica Beach
  • Under the pier

  • Caught me some weed… seaweed that is.
  • My middle school/highschool buds!
  • Got my hipster drank on. I was actually referred to this by one of my Instagram friends. Thanks!

  • Bay Cities Godmother Sandwich!
  • Entering The Getty
  • Mike x Marty

That’s all for this one.
Deezy. Out!


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