A Day In The Life Of M.Deezy


Happy Labor Day errryone!

Last night, I rolled out to Anaheim to kick it with my old buds from the city. It’s always nice to have visitors from home. We kicked it out to Huntington Beach to have dinner. Had a bit of sushi, a bit of beer, a bit of sake, and the usual awesome times.

PlayMe: Bausss shit! Walk in the buildin I OWN SHIT!

Supahhhh Dry!

Seaweed salad.

I dreadfully hated the lighting in here. I’m actually kind of surprised that it came out like this.

My obligatory sashimi salad that I always get here. Never fails me.

I don’t remember what this was…

My winner of the night hahaha.

On a side note though… 50mm L f/1.2 is next on the list. Won’t let this low light dealio get the best of me again.

That’s all for now.
Deezy. Out!


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