A Day In The Life Of M.Deezy

07292012 (Miami Round 2)

Finally got my new MacBook Pro up and running with Photoshop and Lightroom! Let the blogging begin!!

It’s been kind of a crazy ride for me lately. Booked my red eye flight to Miami to visit Mary again. I must say, I love having these mini vacations. Sure they never last longer than just the weekend, but I feel like they keep me sane for the most part. I’d take having these short/frequent mini vacations over slaving a whole year to get one a week off. Enough of the chatter… It’s picture time.

PlayMe: I don’t know what they’re singing here, but it sounds hipster, so therefore I like it…

Arrived in Miami at 6:50am. Mary forgot to pick me up at the airport, but we’re not here to judge… hahahaha JK! We went to this class banquet type lunch where a bunch of her students were awarded and gave speeches. It was pretty awesome! Not to mention they had bomb ass plantains!

Towards the end of the day, we all met up to have Serendipity. My first time having their famous “Frozen Hot Chocolate”. It…Was… Delicious!

I forgot what kinda sandwich I got, but it was so good… Just don’t eat the meat on its own. It’s quite salty.

The next morning, Mary had errands to run, so I headed to the beach to chillout for a while. I love that her new place is walking distance! I’d be here everyday if I could… well, maybe not since I tan unusually fast…. Don’t judge my coffee, I’m on vacation and Miami doesn’t have hipster coffee.

Random story: After I decided that I’ve had enough sun time at the beach, I walked back to Mary’s place. Or so I thought I was doing. I suddenly realized that I was standing in front of 3 buildings wonder which one was her place. Now, I could’ve swore that her place didn’t have a gate, but I convinced myself that it might’ve been left open when I first arrived. I stuck her key into a door, which I thought was hers, only to find out it was the door to a very lovely couple. I quick apologized to them as I was backing out telling them I got the wrong house since I’m just visiting and might be lost. They looked at me with a very calm look and asked me if I wanted breakfast… I said yes. We had omelets, told stories, laughed, and I was on my way. By far one of the most awesome things to have happened to me on any vacation.

After errands were complete, we headed to Shake Shack (another first of mine) for burgers and milkshakes. I effing loooove Shake Shack. I may never look at another burger the same again. Minus the Rossini burger from Vegas of course. Random note on the photo though. Last time I was here, we coincidentally wore Aviators. This time, it was Wayfarers.

Simply delicious. Enough said. I’m not usually one to keep repeating foods all the time when I go somewhere, but this one is a must.

We got these things called Concretes. I was excited about it in the beginning, but then I quickly realized that it was an overload of chocolate. I could almost feel new cavities forming.

For dinner, we went to this one bar that we’ve been trying to go in the Art District since my last visit. It’s actually more of a Tapas place, but there was live music going on! The food was pretty good. I think this was the shrimp that we got that was made with vinaigrette. I could be wrong…

The scallops were so good!!! Not so much the thing underneath. I still can’t figure out what it was… I wanna say it was fish, but then again, it was kinda like soggy bread… the mystery continues.

Some of the best plantains I’ve ever had! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

So our waiter totally sold us on this “upside down coconut cake” thing. When this thing showed up, Mary and I looked at each other like “this was not what we expected…” Pretty much called it a night after this… We had quite the day hunting for my damn MacBook Pro.

The next morning, I suckered Mary into putting on her costume. Puhahahaha!! Totally spent the morning with Chun-Li. I must admit, I was a little star struck.

How could I not get Chun-Li’s winning celebration dance?? Google it. She nailed it dead on…

Behind the scenes! This picture is pretty cool… admit it!!

We headed back to her place after the quick shoot and thank goodness we did too… it started to POUR!
This is my absolute FAVORITE picture of her… Hipster much? I thought it was a damn good look.

Before we headed out to lunch and end the day, we played photobooth with my instant film camera and just killed all the film. This is definitely going into my table project.

That pretty much concludes my trip…
Now on to the iPhone photo roll!

  • Bought a buttload of snacks as a care package for Mary before I went to go visit her. I think she liked it…
  • Last dinner with Emily before she dropped me off at the airport. Thanks again, Em!
  • Red eye flight from LAX to MIA… here we gooo!
  • Snacks took up my entire Chrome bag…

  • Took my AllSaint flannel for a spin on the plane. I don’t know if it was worth $130, but I liked it quite a bit. According to Jomo, if I like it, it’s worth it.
  • Miami Beach!
  • I was too lazy to change out of my pants… Yes, I paid for it with sweaty legs all sealed in a pair of Chino pants.
  • OK so this was a big ass hotdog from Serendipity.

  • Serendipity!! Next time, they better have my Almond one…
  • Coffee at the beach!
  • Next time, instead of tanning, I think I might go running or something. Reminder to self: bring flip flops. No more of this shoes on the beach business.
  • Yes, I totally just did this to myself. Didn’t even get to tan nekkid to even out my tan the next day. BTW, this was about an hour worth of sun time. I told you I tan fast.

  • My new MacBook Pro… specifically with Retina Display. Special special thanks to Mary for driving me around to a bajillion Apple stores to find one!!!! Couldn’t have been possible without you.
  • Tapas restaurant with the live music!! So chic.
  • Chun-Li
  • Eggs benedict lunch before I take off to the airport.

  • Goodbye Miami!!! Maybe I’ll see you again………??
  • I love my new laptop aka command center!

That’s all for now.
Deezy. Out!


4 responses

  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit Shake Shack in Miami. Awesome concrete pic!

    Hope you had lots of fun in the sun, and our team can’t wait to see you again next time!

    -Brandy, Shake Shack

    July 30, 2012 at 7:35 AM

    • mikeedee220

      You’re welcome!! I do definitely hope to come back again!

      August 21, 2012 at 6:00 PM

  2. Susy

    I was about to comment on your Shitbucks coffee but you already addressed the issue… So no comment shall be made. I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON DUDE!

    August 1, 2012 at 9:18 AM

    • mikeedee220

      Covered my ass ASAP!

      August 21, 2012 at 6:00 PM

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