A Day In The Life Of M.Deezy


Had my first full weekend off from work, and I’d like to think I spent it well. Didn’t do anything Saturday but vegged out. Went grocery shopping for a little bit with my pops. Bought raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, raw almonds and pecans for my salads………….. and also the fattiest tub of ice cream. Don’t ask…

Sunday, I spent with my wonderful friend and couldn’t have asked for a better time… Hi Em!

Sunday coffee and scones at Bricks and Scones.

I’ve kinda had a thing for blueberries lately…

Jammin nuts… I mean jam and nuts.

Went down the street to Cafe Gratitude. Em got some kinda ginger ale with ginger juice. It was kinda gingery…

At this place, everything you order starts with a “I am…” and so forth. I think this was a “I am Succulent” haha…

Couldn’t decide what was for dinner, so she took me to her old stomping grounds… so Korean (she’s not Korean)… Like oooooooooooomg!

Apparently I take really good pictures when I’m drunk. I’m going to pack a bottle of Soju and a lemon (dangerously good) with me on my next photoshoot to see what happens…

Cheese x instant noodle x sausages x spam x tofu x veggies x die happy.

Going to get ready to take my pops out for dinner tonight. Didn’t really feel like dealing with the crowds last night. Celebrating on the day of is so mainstream…

Mike D. Out!


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