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01032012 (Karen)

Happy new year everyone! I know I’m a little late on this, but come on… I was away for the weekend to celebrate new years for once!

A couple days before my trip back home, I decided that it was enough lag time… I’m going to make an effort to meet Karen. And I’ve left her a bunch of comments saying how it’d be so much fun if we got to go out and eat and what not, so this time I made good on those comments. Let me just say this… best decision I’ve made in a long time.

Have you ever talked to someone before meeting them and when you finally do get a chance, you don’t quite know what to expect? Like on the outside of a cereal box, they tell you it’s a toy and what it possibly could be, and when you dig in… it’s always a gamble on whether it’s gonna end up being something awesome or not. Karen was definitely that “something awesome”. It’s almost kinda strange to meet her in person because from her blog, I feel like I already know her, but in reality… let’s not forget that this is someone whom I’ve never physically met. Scary!! OK, not really…

I asked if she’d like to have brunch with me this past Saturday at the Red Door Cafe and that’s where we first met. And BECAUSE that was where we first met, I am completely determined to have a successful meal there with her one of these days. It would’ve happened too, if the owner hadn’t told us it was going to be an epic 3 hour wait… So we ended up going to Sweet Maple (and like Karen says on her blog) 40 blocks away… Let’s begin!

PlayMe: this my jam!!

As we were being seated at Sweet Maple, one thing that I definitely noticed was how nice the lighting was inside. All this natural light beaming through the windows. I knew exactly where I wanted to be seated for the best lighting, and surely enough… we were seated right by the windows. I was going to have a physical brawl with Karen for the seat facing against the glass, but obviously I lost that fight, hahaha. No… I was actually a gentleman for once and offered her first pick. Then again, I don’t think my lighting situation was that bad either…

On a side note, did I forget to mention how amazing of a photographer she is? I ALMOST didn’t want to take my camera out…

So……….. the funny thing about French Toast… Karen doesn’t seem too fond of it, but somehow, everywhere that I find for us to eat just SO happen to have French Toast as a specialty on their menu. It’s all a coincidence! I swear… She was a good sport about it, and tagged along with me. I definitely made it up to her though as you’ll see later on. By the way, I ordered the Grand Marnier French Toast. (Pronounced Mar-ni-a) hahahaha isn’t that right, Karen?

Being as this is our first time meeting and all, I wanted to make a good impression before departing. I brought my polaroid camera with me so she can have something to remember this event by. We actually took 2 and again, I was a gentleman and let her choose which one she wanted… and of course she takes the better one! Hahaha which you can see the other one on her blog. We did find it kinda weird how I looked exactly the same in both photos. I knew I should’ve done the Rico Suave look in the other one… oh well, next time.


Apparently this “socially awkward” girl is also a socially awkward parker. She swears it was my fault that she couldn’t park that day, but come on… let’s keep it real hahaha just kidding………….??

She’s… pretty interesting 🙂

This pretty much concluded our first meeting. I can’t speak for Karen, but I thought this was most definitely a success.

Ok, so I had so much fun the first time, that I asked Karen to go out with me again. We had breakfast on Monday and remember when I said I’d make it up to her? Well here it is! I chose a breakfast spot that specialized in pancakes (since she likes pancakes… or well, more than french toast at least). I ordered the California omelet and had the Swedish pancakes which were basically almost like crepes. I have a new love for Swedish pancakes…

As Karen said on her post “What a nice way to end the year — meeting a fellow blogger…”. I couldn’t have agreed more, but I’m going to kick it up a notch and say that this was a great way to start the year as well. After meeting her and confirmed with myself that she isn’t a dude, I think I’m going to try to meet with her again the next time I get a chance to come back and visit NorCal. I mean only if she has free time to spare because we all know how busy Molecular and Cell Biologists can be!

That’s all for this post I suppose.
Deezy. Out!


2 responses

  1. Whoo! I’m on your blog! And I’m “something awesome”!

    Haha, thanks for letting me choose which seat I wanted! But your photo of your french toast turned out way better and more creative than mines!

    Oh goshhhhh, my parking. =[ To be fair, at least it was a driveway! Not really a sidewalk.

    Yes, I totally agree, it was a great way to start the year! Haha, WHAT??? A DUDE? Lol, what if I were a dude? Would that mean we can’t be friends?!

    January 3, 2012 at 9:22 PM

    • mikeedee220

      Hahaha definitely “something awesome”

      Imagined how that would’ve turned out I actually did fight you for the seat hahahaha brunch wouldn’t have been awkward at all (sarcasm)

      True…. I’ll give you that…

      Yes!! That absolutely means we can’t be friends… If you were a dude, that means you were lying to me the whole time having me think you were a girl…

      January 4, 2012 at 8:47 PM

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