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12032011 (A Day with an Aussie)

As mentioned in my previous post… Brandon’s cousin, Amy, came to visit. Apparently she’s been traveling the world this past year and SoCal was her final stop before the trip back home, so I had to do my best to make it worth while for her. Btw, did I mention that she’s from Australia?? DAT accent… /passout…/

On a separate note though, she may possibly be one of the most awesome people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Definitely a major highlight and a great way to end my year!

Anyways, I spent a day with Amy which included a road trip to San Diego… Let’s do this, shall we?

PlayMe: Bad seeds

***8:35 am***

Did a bit of research for coffee and found Urth. Bomb.com coffee…

I officially love this place!


***9:28 am***

Made a quick stop to Griffith Observatory so Amy can check out the skyline view of Los Angeles.

I dig that morning haze…

Can’t leave LA without a shot of the Hollywood sign… It’s the only proof that you’ll be able to provide to show you were here!


***11:47 am***

Breakfast at Hash House A Go Go in San Diego. Totally amazed by the size… she says to me “you Americans…”


*** 1:26 pm***

I was looking for things to do in SD and found Balboa Park which had a bunch of museums and what not. Someone’s excited to go to the botanical house. It was strangely quiet in there because apparently plants don’t like noise…. reallyyy?? seriously??

Making memories


***3:11 pm***

We actually went to Coronado Beach after this, but no photos were taken and also the weather was real crap… so we’re just going to go ahead and skip to the next time mark.


*** 4:23 pm***

Stopped off at Neighborhood to have a glass of beer and continue our never ending conversations.

The waitress was super nice and hooked us up with a bunch of dipping sauce to go with our sweet potato fries. The jalapeno (deep orange) one was amazinggg!

*** 6:03 pm***

This was pretty much the highlight of the entire day. I found this place called Vin De Syrah Spirit & Wine Parlor and basically it’s like this underground upscale lounge. It really is quite interesting… This is the stairway down because it literally is… underground.

Check out that entrance… it’s in a fxckin wall of grass! Camo much?? I can bet that if you came here drunk already, you’d never find your way in.

Fancy huh??

Cheers, gorgeous!

What’s a wine and cheese parlor without some cheese?? “Oh it was marvelous darling, just marvelous!” (English accent)

Why does she keep out-drinking me?!?? I don’t understand… she’s like 5ft nothing!

***11:36 pm***

On the way out, we randomly ran into this guy with a Magnum mustache who told us that we could have free mustache t-shirts… how could we say no?? So we wandered down to yet… another underground bar where he had this hot press machine that seals your custom made t-shirt. Random? I’d say yes… “I mustache you a question!!”

Our mustache t-shirts! Great effin’ night…….
“Open your eyes!”
“They ARE open! Shut the fxck up!”

That pretty much concludes the night before we headed back into Hollywood with a 2.5 hour drive… which we actually had quite an interesting misunderstanding that led to this 2 hour epic debate, hahaha.


***Misc Photos***

On Amy’s last night, her final request was to have an In-N-Out burger as a last meal. Check out this little fatty… “America… FXCK YEAH!”
We were also trying to make our way back up to the Griffith Observatory for a night view of the city, but park rangers closed off the road due to high winds that broke a bunch of trees the night before. So… we just ended up sitting on someone’s real nice stairway and made a mess. Still a great view though!

Oh yeah, and she bought me a pack of these…
She is literally the first and only person in this world that has successfully made me take these. Amazing I tell you… just amazing.


And you thought that was the end of the photos… I thought you’d know me by now.

***iPhone BTS pics!!***

On her first night in, I brought her to Father’s Office for what may possibly be the best burger in LA. It wasn’t until afterwards that she tells me “I don’t eat much meat…”

At Hash House handling her meal.
“The name of this place is nothing what it seems…”

First glass of wine at Vin De Syrah Spirit & Wine Parlor.

This might be about the 3rd glass… I also vaguely remember an extensive conversation about Thailand and evolution.

Night #3, we drove to Westminster because I wanted her to try the spring rolls from Brodards.
She’s actually quite handy. Food bouquet! No one’s ever told her not to play with her food hahaha… seriously.

Our last drink before she hops on her red eye flight back to Australia. It kinda looks like she’s digging into a giant shake… which by her understanding, is how Americans roll. Errrrrythang big.

Goodbye for now Amy!!! I’m glad you made it home safely!


And that pretty much concludes this post.
Deezy. Out.


4 responses

  1. Australians have the cutest accent, ha.

    December 5, 2011 at 8:15 PM

    • mikeedee220

      Oh yes she does…….. I mean they do! Hahaha

      December 5, 2011 at 9:51 PM

  2. Michael Kwok

    woah deezy u look mexican with that mustache lol!

    December 5, 2011 at 10:03 PM

    • mikeedee220

      That is right, amigo! hahaha

      December 6, 2011 at 9:58 PM

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