A Day In The Life Of M.Deezy

10312011 (Aloha!!)

Last weekend, I took a short trip with my boys to Hawaii… Prep for epic post.
(56k might wanna GTFO or your computer will explode. Just sayin…)


OK, just let me get this out of the way first…
My first iPhone YEAHHHHHH!!!!
Alright, let’s continue…

I don’t know why I always subconsciously book my seats by the wing…

Damn this form. I should be able to fill this out with my eyes closed by now haha

Cloud surfin’ on my way to Hawaii!
On a side note though, I met this couple on the plane and they’re awesome!! Shout outs to Ginger and Chuck!! Thanks for the cookies and chocolate!


I love this breezeway because it’s the first place you get hit by the Hawaiian weather.

Hola Hawaii!!

Stacey picked us up from the airport and we rolled to Zippy’s for dinner. I feel like this has to happen everytime I come here. Btw, this was B’s chicken dish.

I always get hotdog and chili… no beans please.

Bubbies gotta happen…

Still the best mochi ice cream out there.


I needed coffee big time on the first morning. That time difference…



Funny story… so this is Waikiki beach. We were all here the night before just hangin’ out at like 2am at night. The following morning, Bryan realized he lost his wallet so we came back here to try to hunt for it (long shot… we know). Obviously, there was no luck and the life guard even told him that it’s highly likely, the bums got it hahaha.

I thought the trees were kinda cool.

OK OK… you’re right Stace. Best spam musubis!

How is this so simple but so damn good!?

B and I came up on some new stuff.

So… during the car ride to get actual breakfast, I suddenly had a realization that the night before while we were on the beach… before we stepped out of the car, B asked me to put his wallet in the glove compartment. I popped open the glove, and sure enough… B’s wallet was just sitting there. The trip is back in full effect! I’M GONNA SAVE YOU, B!!!!

I almost felt like this wasn’t actually happening. I’m in Hawaii!!

Destination reached… and it was a long wait.

Shot by B.

Oh, how I missed these Macadamia pancakes…

Anyone who’s seen my previous Hawaii post from the beginning of the year will know I’ve been here before.

Photoshoot in session!

I love this beach…

Secluded beaches are the best! The perks of having a local tour us around. Thanks Stace!!

My obligatory fisheye POV shot on my favoritest beach!
Thanks to Stace for the fisheye lens and B for the SLR.

Deal with it.

Water so warm!

Hi, my name’s Mike and I like long walks on the beach…

Shadow shot take 1. Come on B! Get it together, man!

Shadow shot take 2. That’s wasssup! Da boys.

Stace took us to this little hole in the wall… almost literally and it has someone of the best udon!

Stace ended up having a graveyard shift that night, so me and boys just kicked back and chilled out. This was some bomb ass beer! Cheers fellas, it’s gonna be a good couple days.

After the beers, we got hungry and walked a good 10 blocks to get pizza… hahaha good times.

*** Day 2 ***

Me and the dudes woke up early the next morning and decided to let Stace sleep in a bit, so we walked from her place to Waikiki, and let me tell you. It was a hell of a walk. And if you’re familiar with my NY post, also from earlier this year, I am… Liberty Bitch!

I found Japanese reading material!

We stopped off at this one coffee shop on the strip and just decided to hangout for a little bit. Apparently, I’m made from corn.

Looks like Stacey’s awake.

Had dim sum… in Hawaii… and tell me why all the ladies that worked there were full Chinese, but refused to speak Chinese to us?? First time we’ve ever had to make someone Chinese speak Cantonese to us… Not weird at all.

Me and my dude B!


Moarrrr beachhh!

Found a big ass turtle!! I can cross off Sea Turtle from my list of things to see/do in Hawaii.

Fuggin’ chillinnn!

Lunch time!

Whaaaa?? Cliff jumping??

Let’s do this!!!!

Hardcore parkour!!
Shot by B.

Shot by B

Chris jumpin’ that 200ft cliff like a boss!!
Shot by B

Got back to Stace’s place after to get ready for…. WIZ KHALIFA!!!

“Lamborghini dreams! Beach house wishes. Pour bottles of champagne for my beach house, bitches!!” – Wiz Khalifa

Sorry for the blurry pic. My tuna sashimi salad for dinner.

Best brick toast ever!!

*** Day 3 ***

Got coffee in the morning and got prepped for an epic hike.

We had the weirdest debate on how to pronounce the word “obligatory”…

Epic hike!!!

Half way up!

Sharon! Sharon! Sharon!

I’m… I’m… Sky high!

The other side.

Soaking everything in for a moment…

What’s a Hawaii trip for me without a Spam Musubi bag?? YEAHHHH!!

California x Spicy Poke

Zip lining!

*** Day 4 ***

Last minute shaved ice from Waiola before we headed to the airport to catch our flights. Goodbye paradise…

*** Polaroids ***


Hi Sharon!!

HI Crew

*** iPhone Edition BTS ***

Thank guys for dropping me off at the airport!!

Oh yeah, there’s gonna be a blog post for sure…

2am Waikiki beach status… where B thought he lost his wallet.

Gettin my tan on…

Got you a present, JFrey!!

Chocolate macadamia pie… HELLLLLLA GOOD!!!

BFFs 4 life!


Live music at the lounge.


Longest stair climb evarrrr…

I love this…

I don’t wanna go home…

That’s all for now… I have to buy more aloe. This sunburn is killing me.
Deezy. Out.


4 responses

  1. I am J.E.A.L.O.U.S.

    I felt hella bad for your friend at first, but I’m glad you guys found the wallet.

    October 30, 2011 at 11:10 PM

    • mikeedee220

      Even though it was an unfortunate event, it didn’t stop him from having a good time. When I found his wallet, he had an even better time hahaha

      November 6, 2011 at 5:51 PM

  2. F*CKING WIN!!! Damn I wish I was there with you all lol! Possibly next year haha!

    Beach photo shoot FTW!

    As for B, this isn’t the first time he forgot something in the car, last time he forgot his garage opener in my car and he thought he lost it lol!

    October 31, 2011 at 10:00 AM

    • mikeedee220

      Next time for sure mang!!

      November 6, 2011 at 5:52 PM

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