A Day In The Life Of M.Deezy

10022011 (J.Frey Day)

Ever have one of those weekends where you just didn’t have to care about anything? I must say this was the most relaxed weekend possibly… ever? Had some really unforgettable chat sessions, food sessions, chill sessions, photo sessions, cruise sessions, vacay planning sessions, and just some good old fashion bonding sessions. Enjoy the photos!

On a not so side note: special thanks to J.Frey for making it all the way out here to kick it one time!

PlayMe: I’m HOOKED on this! It pretty much sets the mood for my weekend…

Dat shit cray!! Ain’t it J??!

Completely unrelated to the post. Just wanted to post it anyways. Some of the best times I have is just hangin’ out and blastin’ these… /ahhh…/ the simple things in life.

I ❤ The Camp!

My Guava + Lemonade = Guavade

Kickin back at Milk x Honey

Then we bumped over to East Borough for some Cafe Su Da (Vietmanese iced coffee). Bomb.Com! We just continued our chill session here for a good hour or so. Enjoying the sun x breeze…

*On a side note though, I love the way this place is designed. It’s so rustic looking and modern at the same time. There’s even a small industrial looking waterfall on the right (not pictured). If I could, I would live here… or design my next place to look like this.

We were supposed to cruise over across the street to grab some soup at the Gypsy Den, but that was postponed until the next trip because we were enjoying ourselves at East Borough, that we just decided to grab some Vietnamese sandwiches instead. Now that… that shit CRAY!!

Goin in!!

We kinda just walked around for a little bit before heading over to Brodard’s to get some spring rolls. I can’t believe this is J.Frey’s first time having this.

So……….. yeah…………………………………

**** BONUS ****

Totally had a real quick photo session with J.Frey while she was here. It’s her first time, and I think after 2-3 more shoots, she’ll be a nature in front of the camera.


That’s pretty much sums up my weekend…
Deezy. Out!


2 responses

  1. illusionless

    Hey Mike! Your friend looks very comfortable in front of the camera! You should plan a photoshoot with her! Love the light in those shots. =]

    Btw, it’s Karen.

    October 6, 2011 at 7:23 PM

    • mikeedee220

      I was like who is this?? Those photos on the blog look way too good to be just anyone’s… Hahaha

      Thanks Karen! I am going to try to plan something with her when I come back up. I wished my friends lived down here so I can photoshoot all of them…

      October 6, 2011 at 7:54 PM

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