A Day In The Life Of M.Deezy

10102010 (Breakfast with Lena)

Of course I had to post today… It’s 10 10 10! That totally reminds me of that one Japanese game show of the contestants prohibited from laughing while they had this one dude trying to speak English with the heaviest accent. Anyways, I had a day out with the homegirl Lena! I always love going out with her because I never have to worry about where to eat.

Lena!! Next time we will plan accordingly…

PlayMe: Remix was bomb.com! B.O.B was bomb.com!

Do my sister and I look alike?

Blackberry party at breakfast!

Her French Toast was really good! So was her Spicy Chicken Sausage…

My Scramble Eggs x Italian Sausage x Potatos

Somehow we ran into a Lee’s that was offering free Iced Coffee just for snapping a pic with your phone and emailing it back to them! So… naturally that’s exactly what we did!

Free coffee FTMFW!! I think I might’ve hit it too hard…
JWong where you at??
Thanks to Lena for helping me shoot this… It came out super legit!

Headed to Newport Beach to chillout for a little bit… Super nice out today. Almost perfect weather!… If only there was a bigger breeze.

Found us a lifeguard shack to chill on! We thought the lifeguard was gonna boot us off when he cruised by… instead, he just gave us a “waddddup!”

I don’t know about Lena… but I’m pretty sure I got darker today. Weksauce… but totally worth it.

I gotta get me one of those tent things!

Another first-timer.
Verdict: OMG yes…

That is all.


2 responses

  1. Your sister has the same nose as you! Like an exact replica!…except for her nose ring…lol.

    I swear, seeing your photos makes me jealous that I don’t live in SoCal anymore! I totally regret not enjoying the two years I stayed there.

    October 10, 2010 at 10:14 PM

    • mikeedee220

      Hahaha really?? i guess majority rules since a lot people say the same thing…

      Well, if you ever come down to visit and have some time to kill, we can mos definitely go on a photo adventure!

      October 19, 2010 at 4:09 PM

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