A Day In The Life Of M.Deezy


Happy Sunday, people!  Another fantastic day here… I should be doing homework/studying right now, but as you can see… that’s obviously not happening. Fail for me, but win for my readers? Kekeke. On my day of the photoshoot, I shot other things too, since I was in a botanical garden and all… I almost forgot to post them, so here they are!

I really need to take lessons on how to shoot flowers from Racee… no one shoots flower pictures like her!

**click on pics for higher-res**

I liked this one because in a field of shadows and shades… there was just this single beam of sunlight passing through the trees above lighting up this little one. Nature sure does plan well…

They had this Rose Show type thing inside. To tell you the truth, I found it quite boring because it was just roses on a table… I’d personally prefer them in their natural environment, but I understood… it was a show.

If you stare at this long enough… it starts to look 3D. LOL!

I see you…

The park had this waterfall at the end of the trail, which was definitely nice to pass by because it was hot day, and I guess there’s just something about a nice mist from the waterfall that made my day.

He’s been here for a while…
**dedicated this pic to Claud… because she loooooooves peaCOCKS!**

As for today… I finally nailed my first successful omelet! Now, who’d be down to try one?? Hahahaha…

Now, it’s time to clean out the blog… I think I’ll leave the last 10 posts in here. Goodbye past!


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