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011114 (Spending Time With Susy “Fattycakes”)

This is a long overdue post… that’s for sure.

I want to start off by saying happy new years to everyone since I never got the chance to until now. 2013 was a hell of a ride with irreplaceable memories. 2014… brace yourself. I’m bringing in the new year with a another addition to my mini series of “Spending time with…” with my good bud Susy who’s also known as Fattycakes. Having randomly met through the blogging world, we’ve become some real good buds over the years. It only makes sense for her to be on here. So… let’s do this!

PLAYME: When I see your face… it’s like sunlight dripping!

_MG_9921 6.23.45 PM

If there’s one thing you need to know about this girl… she can eat. Like… big time.

_MG_9956 6.23.45 PM

Shades of grey

_MG_9969 6.23.45 PM

_MG_9977 6.23.45 PM

You’re looking real handsome there, bud!

_MG_9982 6.23.45 PM

You ain’t ready!

_MG_9985 6.23.45 PM

So much determination doeee!

_MG_0030 6.23.45 PM

Just strutin’ her stuff… no big deal.

_MG_0073 6.23.45 PM

_MG_0079 6.23.45 PM

Thanks for stopping by! Currently in the process of scheduling my next shoot so stay close.
Deezy. Out!

10222013 (Spending Time With Justina)

She’s just about my favorite person in the world. She’s amazing in her own way and unparalleled to anyone else. She’s my best friend.

I got to spend a day with Justina. She’s one of those best friends that make you regret the fact that you ever left home, but the time spent is time remembered. We started the morning with breakfast and coffee then continued to bob around the city as we usually do. We run through our routine of food and coffee and although we return to the same spots, it feels new every time.

Here’s a new addition to my mini series of Spending Time With… Let’s see who’s next.

PlayMe: “All the words I had to say… they mean nothing to you”


Castle mornings.


A sucker for succulents.


Photo shoot within a photo shoot. Say “cheeese!” wait… “soyyy!”



#OOTD with #DOTD being coffee.


Totally Smitten.


Succulent shopping.


Random cat found a spot to hang. I shall name you JuJuBee.


NorCal vibes.

Bonus Roll:


  • NorCal mornings
  • My Fav is a total badass.


  • Morning bun
  • Morning fun
  • Now bring me some morning sun


  • Obligatory hipster coffee joint
  • The SLR is rather fitting on her
  • Capp and Mach


  • The perfect equation


  • Everytime
  • Giant succulent wall mount!
  • It’s a crime if we don’t

That’s all.
Deeezy. Out.



09162013 (Spending Time With Anne)

It’s no secret that I love San Francisco… in fact, it’s actually quite obvious especially to those who know me. Every visit back home is another unforgettable chapter created in my book.

But this chapter… is one worth putting a bookmark in.

Anne and I have always talked about coming to San Francisco together. For her to experience what she only sees in my photos, in person… This might possibly be one of the best 24hrs I have spent in my hometown. From eating at some of my favorite restaurants, to discovering new ones, to touring some of my old neighborhoods, to the amazing coffee institutes, and even being able to sneak in a photo documentary of the whole thing… everything came together harmoniously to make this trip just about perfect in a very San Francisco way.

PlayMe: My love is wiiiiiiithhhh you!


Anne in SF.


As a tradition to my SF mornings, this was a must.


We hung around Fort Point for a while in hopes to catch the right lighting for a legitimate non traditional photo with the Golden Gate Bridge. I think we nailed a good one.
“The Golden Gate Bridge isn’t even gold!! Everything is a lie!”

Long hurrr, don’t currr.

“Are you ready to go?”
“Yes, it’s fuggin cold out here…”


Meet Anne. She is my:

  • Part time model
  • Part time foodie
  • Part time travel buddy
  • Part time pain in my ass
  • Full time bestfriend


Morning ritual


“Wait, we’re leaving today? Alright hode up, I’mma get me another cup”

The American Grilled Cheese by the ballpark for lunch. Not a lot of people can look cute when they eat, but I think she did alright.

Before we left the area, she wanted to own a Giants hat. How could we not get a photo of her in front of the home of the Giants? This melts my heart big time…

Final destination before we left to road trip back down to SoCal. Her first Blue Bottle Coffee (New Orleans) and her first Smitten Ice Cream. Enjoy bestfriend, enjoy!

Instagram Roll:


  • Mint mojito with vanilla soy please
  • Coffee junkies
  • Golden Gate Bridge: The Gateway to my Heart


  • Brunch at Plow with Fatty and Tim. Thank you for brunch!! We most def owe you guys one!
  • That new new Bay Bridge!


  • I have to be honest, I just wanted those Mason jars.
  • Minimalistic
  • Sightglass! I found you!


Didn’t want to wait the 1hr+ for NOPA, so we went to Bistro Central Parc instead.

  • Rack of lamb
  • “Medium rare please!”
  • Breast of duck


  • At The American Grilled Cheese: “I’ll have the jalapeno popper, and… what does she look like?” I asked.  “I’d say The Piglet” responded my ordertaker. #winning
  • Her first time at Blue Bottle in Hayes Valley
  • Creme Fraiche with pear caramel from Smitten Ice Cream.

I guess that’s all of it. Not bad for 24hrs…


New bike day!

I’ve been working on this project since I graduated school… so it’s been about a year in the making. I took my time deciding what I wanted, leaving the outcome to be nothing short of the best. I shed a slight tear yesterday as I was putting the final cranks into my last screw. Well worth it!! The legend of the Rager begins.

PlayMe: The legend of the Rager!


Cervelo T1 Track Bike


Just to show the delicate thought that was put into this build… This seat was a special edition San Marco Concor Light that was a special collaboration with Red Hook Crit. Sold out everywhere here in the US, so I had one specially shipped from Paris. Boom. That totally just happened.


I’ve had this wheel build laying around for a little bit now. I’ve just been saving it for something special. I think this was highly appropriate. H+Son Formation Face with a mirror finish laced to a black Chub Hub. Beautiful.


The drive train was no exception in this case. I actually worked a little harder on this section because I wanted it perfect to my liking. Sugino Zen 51T chainring with S75 cranks all wrapped with an Izumi SuperToughness gold chain and powered by a Phil Wood bottom bracket that spins so smooth, it’d make you wanna slap your momma. If you note real closely to the chainring bolts, I special ordered those from Sugino so they’d have the logo etching along the surface. /Commence heart melt/ and at the very end, I had my MKS pedals wrapped with my favorite double straps made by Cadence. Support your local businesses, people!


Here’s a side look at the San Marco Concor Light seat. Special print towards the front to note the famous criterium along with their iconic red hook logo painted across the middle. All of this glory riding on a pair of titanium rails.

Today was a good ass day.
Deezy. Out!


Saturday was a highly unproductive day that turned semi productive towards the end. After all the fireworks and commotion of America’s bday, it was refreshingly appropriate to have a chillout day… well yesterday and today, I guess. In the middle of my quality time spending with Anne, we decided to go on a photo session in Old Town Pasadena. I can now check that location off my list as I’ve been eyeing that area for a while now. There’s a very good chance that I’ll most likely be back for another shoot in that area. The long alleyways, brick wall buildings, metal doors, everything about there is too good to pass up. Long story short, this blog will probably be seeing Anne a little more often.

PlayMe: Throwback!

Annie (aka: BooBoo)












Hope erryone had a good weekend!
Deezy. Out!


Totally playing catch up here… I’ve been lagging on posting my Portland trip. Finally got a chance to sit down and chill out in front of my compute for a little bit. It’s been a real busy past couple weeks, but hey… tomorrow’s a brand new day!

PlayMe: All I am is a man. I want the world in my hands!


First stop, Pine State Biscuits!

Stepped foot in Portland!

A very standard bike rack. They don’t call this place bike capital for no reason.

Of course there’d be a van that pumps out organic juice.

Alcohol in a mason jar in the morning with my breakfast biscuit? Yes please…

Ugh, so good…

In her element.





Totally got to see what all the fuss was about!

Sorry Stumptown… you’re gonna need to move over for Caffe Vita’s Cappuccino. Hands down one of the best I’ve had so far.

_MG_8554He was rather entertaining.

Lounge time.

Apparently these “elephant ears” are quite popular there. It’s like… a solid soft funnel cake.

Hello PDX!

So much win. Lemme tell ya… I wouldn’t mind living here for a couple years.


I just couldn’t resist…

The Waffle Window makes some damn legit waffles!! (Please see below!)

UGH! Hungry…

Public Domain.

Not bad.

Want to give a quick shoutout to Kae for the recommendation! :D Clyde Common… Let’s do this!

I would totally come back here again. Definitely one of my top highlight meals here in Portland. Prep for food pics to follow.


Now this was a damn biscuit.

Bravo Clyde Common…. Bravo.

When Justina ordered this, I thought she said “toasted donuts”…

Ahh yes… right on track.

THE Voodoo Doughnuts!!

****Bonus iPhone Roll****


  • Hanging out at LAX with Daily Grace
  • Made it to PDX!
  • Me and Chris trying to figure out how we’re going to make it to our hotel
  • Fancy
  • Old fashion chillin in the lobby


  • 1am chicken shawarma and lamb gyro
  • Breakfast biscuits
  • Beautiful Portland weather… Spoiled
  • <3 that is all
  • Sunset time in hipstertown


  • Hanging out at the Whiskey Soda Lounge
  • Affogato with Chinese fried donuts
  • Pok Pok wings! The menu read “Yes, these are the wings you have been looking for” LOL
  • Another look inside Clyde Common
  • Downtown chillaxing


  • PDX Squad
  • Caffe Vita totally made it to one of my top favorite coffee spots
  • Inside VooDoo Doughnuts
  • Favorite manning the box
  • Vietnamese food from one of the many many food trucks stationed around. So good!


  • Guy in hotel room eating vietnamese food and having a great time
  • What’s a trip with her without a Polaroid?
  • Classy Trashy
  • Morning look at Portland
  • AM Run


  • Totally running in my spiffy new track gear
  • I has a problem… but the excuse was “no tax doeee!”
  • Breakfast at Kenny and Zuke’s Deli
  • Last day of PDX chillin
  • Last run of Caffe Vita


  • Some quality people
  • Obligatory plane ticket shot
  • I’ve never boarded a plane like this before. It was kinda nifty. I wanted to turn around and do the presidential wave before stepping foot into the aircraft. I held back on that one…
  • Goodbye Portland! It’s been treal!
  • Oh yeah… new car!

That pretty much covers it!
Deezy. Out!


It’s hot today… I don’t really know what else to say, but I did get up at a decent time to start experimenting in the kitchen. Definitely looking forward to a chillout weekend. Anyone else feel like it’s been a long week?

PlayMe: My favorite says it sounds super Portland-y.

Oh come on. You can’t be that surprised that I learned to make this…

Have a good one!
Deezy. Out!